Frequently Asked Questions


How much is shipping?

SHIPPING IS FREE. On all orders, all the time. Your order will ship via FedEx Ground in the 48 contiguous US states, and Canada Post in Canada.  The only exception is  Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories which have a discounted shipping rate in lieu of free shipping.


Is there a membership fee to get wholesale pricing?

No, you can create a wholesale account with no membership fees up front, you simply buy whatever package or individual products you want. You have access to the best pricing for three months (no monthly order required for this pricing). After 3 months you will bump up to a higher price point, unless you join our LOYALTY CLUB and activate a monthly Convenience Plan (scheduled recurring order). There is a yearly membership fee of $9.95 for the Loyalty Club, but the month after you join you will have a $10 credit on your account, so the membership is essentially FREE.


Are there any perks for being a Univera Customer?

In addition to having the best quality wellness products in your life (duh!), Univera rewards its customers for their referrals. As soon as you become a customer, you have a unique referral link and receive $20 in product credit for any referrals who purchase over $75 in products. There is no limit on the number of referral credits you can earn! You may also want to explore our 4&Free program at some point.


Do I have to order a minimum amount of product?

No, you can order whatever you'd like. We recommend purchasing the "money-saving packs" for best value. There are also monthly product specials!


Do I have to maintain a monthly order?

The short answer is No, however a monthly order qualifies you for the highest discount (20%) so we recommend setting it up. You'll receive a reminder email each month before your shipment date so you can take advantage of product specials and change your order as you wish.

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