Yoga forestWhat if, instead of going to university, people did this instead… 


It occurred to me during the Victoria Yoga Conference in January you can’t toss a mala bead in this town without hitting at least one yoga teacher. Everyone and their mom is a yoga teacher. Your neighbour is a yoga teacher. Your interior designer has her 200 RYT. And get this: your accountant is even a yoga teacher! (Proof: I spoke to one at the conference). Yet, yoga studios are still offering teacher training and pumping out graduates left, right, and centre. The word insanity has crossed my mind when I think about this. From a business standpoint, it seems crazy. Think about it: yoga studios are actively seeking to train people who will most likely become their competition. Does this make sense to you?

Choosing yoga as an occupation doesn’t make sense from a business viewpoint. The numbers just don’t add up. But… from a human perspective, look at all the people who have stepped onto the path of body awareness and greater enlightenment through their yoga training. What an amazing benefit to themselves and humanity!

So there I am, contemplating this phenomenon when another idea pops into my mind…

…what if, instead of a Bachelor’s degree being the rite of passage into real life and the minimum requirement for entry-level jobs, more people were encouraged to get their yoga training? Imagine if more people were walking around with a keen awareness of their body, breath, meditation, mindfulness, the chakras, and human anatomy. How could that possibly be a bad thing?!  {full disclosure: I’m speaking as a non-yogi, however, I imagine these are the main topics covered in yoga teacher training…}


There’s a reason yoga has survived every trend over centuries

What I’ve noticed is that people who practice yoga tend to pursue a healthier lifestyle all around. I’m a huge advocate of people taking ownership of their health (no one can do it for you) – the world is a better place when people are healthy, and yoga encourages the same philosophy.

So, more yogis = we all win!  

But here’s the challenge: not everyone can make a living as a yoga teacher. The ones who want it badly enough and dedicate themselves to becoming an expert can and do, and many finish their training and don’t end up teaching.

Thats okay, they are on the path to a healthier life and are creating a positive ripple effect on the world around them.

When I do my teacher training (at some point), it won’t be to start a career as a yoga teacher, it will be to learn, deepen my practice (as they say in the yoga world), and improve my overall well-being. And, the knowledge and experience will be helpful in my wellness business too. In my business, I get paid to be healthy and the more personal experience I have in helping people get and stay healthy, the better.


I want to help yogis thrive. 

There is a fundamental challenge for yoga teachers (and many health practitioners) in creating a solid financial future: they are trading their time for money and many of them simply cannot teach (or fill) enough yoga classes in a week to make a good income. This is where be:free comes in. We help you diversify your income so that you can follow your passion AND be compensated what you’re worth.  Click here to learn more.


Your turn:

What do you think the world would be like if more people did yoga teacher training?

And if you’re a yogi, how are you finding it as a career?