If you’ve ever struggled with digestive issues, you know how uncomfortable and disruptive they are.

Fun, work, relationships, family – everything suffers. Lame! Being free includes being free of health challenges and feeling awesome every day. Everyone wants to be happy, right? I believe the foundation of happiness is feeling good.

The sad thing is, digestive issues are on the rise. I’m amazed at how many people struggle with digestion. It’s not that hard to figure out why: everyday we eat and drink things that aren’t good for us… while it’s a great goal to eventually eliminate these problematic foods from our diets, instead of constantly stressing over what we should and shouldn’t eat (stress makes everything worse), what if there was one powerful superfood that you could consume daily to promote repair, healing, and restore balance in your digestive system?


I’m a big fan of simplicity, and implementing small positive changes on the road to bigger changes.


I hope that if you’re reading this blog, you have intentions of assessing your diet and making changes to support better digestion, but for now… start with understanding the top 15 health benefits of this wonder plant and find out how you can get your hands on the best of the best.


I’d never heard of drinking aloe vera until…

aloe juice drop close up

…several years ago when my mom was introduced to an aloe drink by her friend. She’d been dealing with some acid (indigestion) issues which she realized were limiting her vocal range (she sings in a jazz choir). After drinking a high quality, potent aloe vera product over several weeks, she noticed improvements in her vocal range and has been singing without issues ever since.

Fortunately, I’ve been blessed when it comes to digestion, BUT, I used to deal with a lot of mucus/ phlegm, especially in the mornings. I know… gross! Since drinking aloe I have noticed a huge improvement AND the more I learn about this plant, the more I want to consume it every. single. day. forever.


15 benefits of Aloe Vera

  1. strengthens the immune system (about 80% of your immune system is found in your gut!)
  2. assists with almost all types of digestive illnesses/disorders
  3. kills yeast (candida) and provides prebiotic benefits (creates a good environment for beneficial bacteria: probiotics, to thrive)
  4. improves digestion and absorption of nutrients (it pretty important to absorb the food you’re eating, right?)
  5. balances pH levels in the GI tract
  6. balances blood sugar levels
  7. increases bioavailability of naturally occurring antioxidants in foods and supplements
  8. provides antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic activity
  9. reduces inflammation
  10. activates the liver to produce glutathione (a powerful antioxidant with many functions)
  11. contributes to kidney health
  12. stimulates collagen production and lubricates joints, brain, and nervous system
  13. improves the health of skin and nails (more youthful skin, anyone?)
  14. naturally detoxifies, including facilitating the removal of mercury through the urine and GI tract
  15. helps with weight loss and muscle gain

Now, if this list is a bit too lengthy for you, you can just remember this simple acronym: MAGIC.

M = supports the Microbiome

A = enhances Absorption of nutrients through the gut lining

G = helps stablize blood Glucose levels

I = enhances Immunity

C = stimulates Collagen production


By now you’ve probably read enough to know whether you want to experience these benefits for yourself. If you are sick and tired of feeling crappy and if you want your life back from the unpredictability of a digestive system that is out of whack, then its time to take action. But…

…not all aloe drinks are created equal.

Most aloe products on the market contain a 200:1 ratio of water to aloe. In fact, something can be labeled “pure aloe” even if it’s 95% water and 5% aloe! The product I use is more like 200:1, aloe to water; highly concentrated, potent, and pure. I also discovered that this aloe is harvested and processed within six hours to ensure bioactivity in the end product.

My favourite aloe drink is called Aloe Select Mango and can be purchased here.

{Full disclosure, I receive a commission from sales on this site. I aligned myself with Univera because I believe in the quality of their products and I am eager to share the health benefits I’ve experienced with others. Read more about how you, too, can align with Univera if you feel the same way.}

Or, for more information + a short video, go here to learn what makes Univera’s Aloe product uniquely effective.



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