commute John WalkerMost of us were taught to go to school, get a good job, work hard, climb the corporate ladder and retire in our 50s or 60s with a pension and some investments.

Have you noticed that plan isn’t working out for a lot of people lately? Downsizing, outsourcing, economic uncertainty, technological advances… change is happening so quickly that people who are moving through the traditional education and career pathways are being left in the dust wondering what happened. I heard from a mentor of mine recently that art leads science by ten years, science leads business by ten years, and business leads education by ten years. Which means that education is 30 years behind the cutting edge. No wonder people are lost, confused and stressed out.

As part of Generation Y, I know there’s a rift between what we were told to do and what most of us actually want: freedom, fun, passion, adventure… and control over our time.  We are just not cut out for the whole 9-5 thing.

More and more people are realizing they want a different lifestyle so its not surprising to discover entrepreneurship isrise on the rise.

In the fall of 2014 I sat in an audience of about 7,000 people in Las Vegas for the very first showing of a brand new documentary called Rise of the Entrepreneur. I was absolutely blown away by what I learned. This film gathers today’s best experts, economists and thought leaders to discuss and forever change how you view work and wealth and the network marketing industry.

We are showing this ground-breaking documentary right here in Victoria in July 2015. Stay tuned for the details!

I am so incredibly grateful to be surrounded by inspiring leaders and mentors… read more about their view on entrepreneurship and the importance of this documentary here.

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