😍  Kind Words 😍 

“Aimee is a supportive, caring and encouraging leader.  Finding an authentic mentor, who believes in your vision and abilities as much as you do, can be hard to come by, and being around Aimee is always a reminder of my own greatness as I am continuously in the presence of hers.”


“Aimee is a breath of fresh air.  A very kind, warm and gentle soul.  She is up front, honest and authentic in every way.  Above all she is a world of knowledge and very passionate about helping people achieve optimum health in a world full of unhealthy choices.  The world needs more Aimee’s :)!”

Ryan Thompson

Right Way Building

“Aimee is a passionate, dedicated and wonderful person who demonstrates servant leadership like no other. Her always quick response, compassion and of course product and business knowledge make her an invaluable resource for myself, my customers and team. She’s an absolute gem!”

Magda Perri

Account Manager

Every once in a while you meet someone, you look into their eyes and you see a brilliant light shining from their soul, and you know you’ve met someone special.  Aimee’s authentic compassion for your health and wellbeing is what makes this remarkable woman truly one of a kind. Seriously just the mention of her name brings a smile to my face, the world is a better healthier place because she cares.
Wendy Burton

Founder and CEO, World Tree

“I have had the privilege of witnessing Aimee Burton over the past 10+ years and I have watched her blossom into a strong and significant leader.  She is aware and cares and has a huge skill base that she contributes generously to our team.  She is thoughtful and clear in her communication and adds tons of ideas, with solutions, to all of our leadership meetings.  I consider her one of the most competent and clear leaders I know and she is never afraid to speak up with her views and solutions.  I treasure her presence in my business and my life.”

Angelyn Toth

Founder of Xenia Creative Development Centre

“Having Aimee as a leader and guide in Univera has been like having someone in your life who can anticipate your every need.  There is a lot to learn about the products and the system, and she has a way of educating without overloading you.  Her knowledge is extensive, clear, and accurate.  She is always looking out for people and seeing what they need. Always.   Aimee is an excellent leader and a champion for other people to have a better life.  I am grateful to call her friend.”

Elizabeth Stone

Professional Life Coach

“As members of the Field Leadership Council of Univera I get to work with Aimee Burton and hear the innovative ideas that flow from her brilliant being.  She has unshakable integrity, crystal clear vision and a passionate heart for helping people improve their health and build a stable financial foundation.  It is exciting and fun to partner with a gifted natural leader.”

Rhetah Kwan

Coach, Entrepreneur

“How do you put into words the incredible beauty and uniqueness of this human being? Like seriously???? It’s a real honour to attempt this because she is so so SO…AWE-mazing, I don’t want to miss anything!

I feel so grateful for the opportunity to reflect on the value of this person in my life and it brings me to tears realizing just how truly lucky I am. She is a real gift.

Aimee’s charm, charisma, professionalism, and magical presence will AB-solutely dazzle you. Did I mention this woman has great abs? Fitness and nature matters a great deal to Aimee, and as much as she loves to curl up and enjoy the comforts of home and all that comes with it, the great outdoors is forever calling her for more fun adventures.

Hope you’re in for a good chuckle because this gal also has a wonderful sense of humour and brings a light-hearted warmth and grace to any situation. Once you hear this woman laugh you will fall in love with her instantly and look forward to the next moment she unleashes her perfectly timed “ha!” It’s pretty great!

Someone as dynamic and inspirational as Aimee truly needs to be experienced. You will not regret befriending or teaming up with this sincere and loving human being. Her nurturing heart alone will floor you.

Aimee is a virtuous woman who takes responsibility for her life on all levels. She brings her focus daily towards what she CAN do. She takes her priorities seriously, and truly demonstrates her sincerity through her thoughtfulness, presence and purposeful productivity. This girl gets sh** done. There’s just no other way of saying it!

One thing that always ALWAYS astonishes me with Aimee is how well she manages and maximizes her time. If you’re a creative human being and wanting to move forward in your life in someway, this woman has a tremendous amount of social media and public speaking skills as well as many other remarkable talents to help you achieve your goals.

Personal development is a central theme in Aimee’s life and to witness her continuous momentum, expansion and growth is such a blessing! She is all about learning, mentoring and sharing the wisdom. She shares the wealth, baby!

She is someone who has gratitude for the road she’s walked, and excitement for the glorious unknown. The future and its many possibilities inspires her to create bigger and better ways of doing things.

Her heart is rich and profound and she is deeply of service to her community around her. She wants happiness for others and she shows you how much you matter with regular check-ins, and her friendly demeanour.

She will encourage and uplift you. She will reach you to new heights and be there for you when you fall. She is a loyal woman full of leadership, generosity, deep love and self-awareness.

Meeting Aimee is no mistake. If she has come into your life, a prayer of yours has just been answered. She truly is an Earth Angel and in some significant way, your life is about to change…for the better! My guess is you must be ready for more meaningful connection, healing, growth, or a deeper sense of satisfaction in some aspect of your life.

Her guidance is from the heart and her wisdom runs deep.

It is a real honour and pleasure to have the sweet angelic presence of beautiful Aimee in my life. I owe her a lot and her modelling of wholesome behaviour encourages me daily and she never ceases to amaze me!

Know Aimee. Befriend Aimee. Work with Aimee. You will thank yourself big time later!”

Jessica Phillips