What do you do when you’ve spent 16 years working for a company, pouring your energy, time, health and life force into it, with the promise of a generous retirement package – only to have the whole thing taken from you months before it was supposed to come through?  

You start over, just at Rhetah Kwan had to do in 2006. 

Have you ever been frightened about your future? Ever wondered how you’re going to continue making a living after a major change?

Listen in as Rhetah, certified Coach and Univera Diamond Associate (2019 Associate of the Year), shares her story of saying yes to firstly her health, and then a much bigger journey to rebuild her wealth and build a team and community of brilliant people (of which I am proud to be a part!)

Rhetah’s mantra: “It’s all possible.”


How to Connect with Rhetah – Ask Aimee (your show host) to create a connection 🙂 You can also check out  www.rhetahkwan.com .

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