Are you trying to get out of debt?  Are you interested in developing multiple streams of income, including passive income so you can free up your time?  Do you want to create a career that fulfills you and is financially rewarding?  If you’re nodding right now, you are going to love this week’s episode!

My guest, Kaila Pilecki, is the creator of the Money Edit Blog  (@themoneyedit on Insta): the money edit is about consciously changing the way we spend, save, earn and invest, using money as a positive force for creating goodness in our lives.

Kaila has a decade of experience as a successful fundraiser in the non-profit sector. She is building wealth through multiple streams of income including real estate investing, short term rentals, network marketing  and now moving into coaching and creating courses to help women with their money! Her first course will be out soon: “How to Be Good with Money” (the basics of getting your shit together with money ) 

We talk about sooo many things in this episode, including paying off debt, manifesting goals, different streams of income, re-creating our identity, life transitions and some of the specific resources that have helped Kaila on her quest for financial education.



—- Links from the show —-

I went down a rabbit hole looking up Sophia Wealth Academy by Tracey Themes & Kamal Basra.  

Mr. Money Mustache Blog

Second Life Podcast

Beauty Counter (to shop with Kaila)

Wave Accounting free online software

I can’t wait to have Kaila back on the podcast with updates on how she is making the transition from her full time corporate job into her dream business working from home!

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