Have you ever found yourself in a job that feels soul-sucking?

Do you have a dream or a vision that has been following you around, yet to be manifested? 

Are you interested in building your business intuitively, rather than purely from a place of logic and strategy? 

Then you are going to LOVE this episode!

My guest, Angelyn Toth, is one of my business mentors, the Founder of Xenia Creative Development Centre on Bowen Island, and one of the top leaders in our company. She has received numerous leadership awards in Univera including the Associate of the Year and the YunHo Lee Servant Leadership award. 

Angelyn spent years in the corporate world, but knew it wasn’t her calling. She was mentored through her own journey of personal development and eventually became “unemployable.” She had a vision (for her retreat centre) that followed her around for about ten years before it manifested into reality. 

Ten years into her retreat centre, things were not going very well… in her words, “she wasn’t a very good business woman.” After a complete spiritual surrender, Univera came into her life. She wasn’t looking for anything else and she was NOT interested in network marketing. 

Listen in to hear about the pivotal moment when her soul was activated and she felt a resonance to build a business with Univera. 

You’ll also learn: 

  • How her objections to the business model were overcome
  • How she built her business quickly 
  • The two personal growth tools that have helped her the most
  • The most important thing to handle and overcome to create success
  • How she feels about ‘hustling’ in her business, and what she does instead

I know you’re going to love this conversation, like I did. 

You can find Angelyn’s work at www.angelyntoth.com


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