I wasn’t always vibrantly healthy. I struggled for years with my immune system, energy levels, carb cravings, and stress…  I was an over-achiever and struggled to put myself and my well-being first when others needed me.

Sound familiar?

I’ll bet you’re driven and eager to live a good life and help people. I’ll bet you’re a generous person who thinks of others first and would happily sacrifice your own needs to help your family or a friend in need.  

You’re health conscious already, yes, but with everything you are juggling it can be hard to put time into cooking healthy meals, fitting in exercise or yoga, and since you are almost always on the go – stress is pretty much a constant factor.  

I invite you to take a deep breath and relax. You can stop struggling and striving – we are going to start simplifying and living. And it all starts with your decision to put YOUR well-being first. 


I believe there are 5 pillars of wellness:

  1. Nourishment / Nutrition
  2. Rest / Sleep
  3. Movement / Exercise
  4. Structural Alignment
  5. Spiritual/Emotional Well-Being

We focus on Nourishment/Nutrition as a foundation and we provide basic guidance on the other 4 pillars, along with referrals to experts in these areas.

What we’ve found is that a body well nourished tends to rest better, move better, maintain proper structure & form, and be at peace compared with a body malnourished or under nourished.

Our approach to nourishment is to start by adding things in, rather than taking things out. Denying you the foods that you love can be a tough place to start a wellness program. But imagine what it would feel like to be able to calmly say no to things you know you’re not ‘supposed’ to consume, because you body no longer craves them…

Univera’s formulas are designed from nature; humans have co-evolved with plants for thousands and thousands of years, and nature’s pharmacy contains everything we need to be well. Once we have a foundation of wellness, we have the energy and mental clarity to take the next step into peak health – involving movement, dietary changes, meditation, and more, to achieve our individual goals.

Imagine being more present with the people you love, feeling less stressed and more grounded, waking up with energy and sleeping through the night, experiencing proper digestive function, and moving your body without discomfort… It’s all possible, and more.

“Aimee is a breath of fresh air.  A very kind, warm and gentle soul.  She is up front, honest and authentic in every way.  Above all she is a world of knowledge and very passionate about helping people achieve optimum health in a world full of unhealthy choices.  The world needs more Aimee’s :)!”

Ryan Thompson

Right Way Building

If you're ready for a comprehensive yet simple protocol, you'll love our signature group program!

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My Story

In 2010 I was living in Northern Canada, in a brand new city, in a brand new job, after just finishing several intense years of college (full time classes) and working at a sports bar + restaurant to support myself. I was drinking lots of coffee, coming home from work and crashing on the couch in front of the TV, stressed at my job (although I always acted positive, it was challenging!) and although life seemed “normal” and “good” at the time, I wasn’t feeling or living optimally.

Fast forward to 2018, when the photo on the right was taken. 
I feel very comfortable in my body, I’m at my ideal weight. I have a healthy relationship with caffeine, I handle my stress well, I feel strong and energetic, and I cancelled my cable 6+ years ago and can’t imagine spending multiple hours in front of the TV.

What changed? Oh, just everything!

I put the best quality nutrition in my body (Univera), 
I said yes to training for a triathlon, 
we reduced simple carbs and sugar in our diet, went almost gluten free, cut back on dairy, while adding in way more greens, healthy fats, and quality proteins, 
I surrounded myself with positive, wellness-minded people, 
I started meditating, 
I drank more water, 
I spent more time outside, 
I quit the job that I didn’t love, 
I created my own work schedule, 
I found and attracted my tribe, 
I spoke my truth, 
We found our ideal home, 
I brought crystals and sacred items into our home, and many, many house plants,
we got rid of toxic cleaning products, and got an air purifier,
we planted gardens…

Did we do all of that in a month? 3 months? a year?

No… but it started with one big YES to myself, a YES to UNIVERA and then a commitment to a lifelong journey of wellness.

You’re worth it  Are you ready to say Yes? 

I want to order the best nutrition on the planet!