Have you ever wished your life was different? Have you ever found yourself daydreaming…

  • what if I didn’t have to go to work every day?
  • what if I could do the things I love and still make a great living?
  • what if I could go on that six month trip to India and not have my life fall apart?
  • what if I could afford to buy land and had the time to grow my own food?

Most of us see ultra successful people and think, I could never do that, that’s not possible, why even try? But the truth is, every human being IS capable of achieving their dreams. There are plenty of unlikely success stories out there. So why do some succeed and most fail?

The thing is, no matter what your dream is, there are people who have achieved it, and in some cases, they are actually willing to share how they got there. If you’re hanging out on this blog you probably share a desire to create more freedom in your life. Whatever dream lights your fire, why haven’t you achieved it yet?

Chances are, you haven’t mastered 13 simple yet profound principles found in a small and unassuming book, first published in 1937, called Think and Grow Rich by a guy named Napoleon Hill.

Oh No! Not another self help book!

Okay, stay with me here… If you’ve ever set foot in the self-help section of a bookstore you know that there are hundreds, no thousands, of books written every year on how to create success/wealth/happiness etc. Its ridiculously overwhelming. But how many of those authors actually created real results in their life, before they wrote the book?

What the successful people know and you don’t

Think and Grow Rich is the quintessential guide for getting what you wantbecause it was written based on the study of the 500 most successful/wealthy men of that era (women wer2014-11-06 08.38.22e sadly unrepresented in the time period, but we’re working on changing that now, right?!). Its not some backyard guru sharing his “7 steps to becoming a zillionaire.” Its legit.

Hill’s extensive research revealed that there are 13 steps, or principles, to achieve any goal and after my 2nd reading of this book, I am convinced that these principles need to be understood by everyone wishing to create amazing results in their life. I’m sure there are people out there who succeeded without reading the book, but I bet they utilized these principles anyway, either intuitively or through some sort of coaching or mentoring.

So, what are the 13 reasons most people fail?

Most people:

  • haven’t figured out exactly what they DESIRE
  • lack FAITH, or a solid belief that what they want is possible
  • don’t realize they can influence their subconscious mind via AUTOSUGGESTION
  • are unwilling to learn the SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE required for success
  • lack IMAGINATION, the workshop of the mind
  • don’t bother converting their desires into action via ORGANIZED PLANNING
  • don’t make a DECISION to go after what they want
  • are missing the POWER OF A MASTERMIND
  • don’t know how to TRANSMUTE SEXUAL ENERGY to get better results
  • don’t utilize the power of emotion to stimulate their SUBCONSCIOUS MIND
  • aren’t aware their BRAIN is a sending and receiving station for thought vibrations
  • aren’t accessing the infinite intelligence of their SIXTH SENSE

If you are struggling to get what you want, chances are one or more of these factors is affecting your personal success formula. I know this was true for me. So… what are you waiting for? Go read the book! And come on over to the be:free Facebook page to get in on the discussion. We want to hear what you struggle with and what you’ve mastered.